Valtra S 354

Numero UEL2951104
prezzo IVA inclusa 19 % 208.131 €
prezzo IVA esclusa 174.900 €
Marca Valtra
Modello S 354
anno di costruzione 2018
altre informazioni

Tipo: Macchina usata
Marca: Valtra
Modello: S 354
anno di costruzione: 2018
ore: 474
Potenza: 262 KW (356 CV)
velocità km/h: 40


Valtra tractor
AVT gearbox 50 km/h
quick-release axle
wheel chock
ZW 540E/1000, ZW Stub 6/21
ZW actuation external left
Fuel additive + water separator
Compressed air brake system 2 lines
Engine preheating (220 V)
Without front weights
Without ballast weight
Without underfloor weights
Rear wheel weights 4x250 kg
Wide rotating front mudguards
Front linkage 5 t
Without front PTO shaft
Power Beyond
lower link cat. 3/3 + hydr. OL
Automatic side stabilizers WS
Quick Steer
Valtra Evolution Seat
Passenger seat with belt
footwell heating
Air conditioning automatic
tool kit
Speed table in km/h
2 rotating beacons
Rearview mirror for Hitch
Main switch eletr.+elektr. connections
rear window wiper
Radio with USB, MP3, SD, CD, Bluetooth
German vehicle documents
620/75R30W + 710/85R38WS Michelin
Cabin with AutoComfort TwinTrac
Front axle HD 4 WD spring-mounted
Rear mudguards 2450+100+70
black metallic
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th control unit
2 quick couplers in front with return line
Bottom hitch K80
Without Agcommand Telemetry
2 12 V sockets
Auto-Guide Submeter Kpl.
Without VRT/Sec. Control/Task Doc
FD FCutter Handrail + AS cutter Rear
Electr. adjustable + heated mirror
Rear hour control unit 2 pieces
Armrest with joystick
Engine Emission class Stage 4F
Worklight 4 front+4 rear LED
Traduzione automatica dal tedesco senza garanzia.
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sollevatore frontale
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AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH
Kurze Straße 10
39576 Stendal / Borstel
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