Deutz-Fahr C 9206 TS 133.280 €

Antal AGS2000164
Pris inkl. Moms 19 % 133.280 €
Pris ekskl. Moms 112.000 €
Make Deutz-Fahr
Model C 9206 TS
Byggeår 2015
Yderligere information

Type: Brugt maskine
Make: Deutz-Fahr
Model: C 9206 TS
Byggeår: 2015
Timer: 1041
Effekt: 290 KW (394 HK)
Hastighed km/t: 25
Skærebord, bredde (meter): 6.5
Tromle timer: 724

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A Deutz-Fahr C 9206 TS combine harvester.
6 shakers
The thresher is equipped with a
On-board computer, autocontour,
Crop tube extension,
Horizontal reel adjustment,
Hectar meter, cabin, air conditioning,
Pendulum compensation, rapeseed separator left and right
on the right, a canola header, a
Reversing device, rotating beacons,
Cutting double-acting trolley, chaff spreader,
Straw chopper and loss measurement.
As well as stubble lighting, hyd.
Cutting angle adjustment, one
Reduction gear, corn chopper kit.
The price is without cutting double acting and
Cutting double-acting trolley. Possible cutting double acting
are 6,5m Biso, 6,1m Geringhoff, 6,7m
Geringhoff or 6.3m Deutz drive.
No maize, no rain, no
High pressure cleaner.
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