Valtra T 174 D DIRECT

Number NOM2713740
Price incl. VAT 16 % 111.360 €
Price excl. VAT 96.000 €
Make Valtra
Model T 174 D DIRECT
Year of Build 2018
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Machinetyp (Condition): Second-hand machine
Make: Valtra
Model: T 174 D DIRECT
Year of Build: 2018
Hours: 995
Power: 130 KW (177 HP)
Speed Km/h: 40
Cubic Capacity: 7365


Valtra all-wheel drive tractor in standard equipment
650/65 R42 F + 540/65 R30 F Trel.
Blue Metallic
Maximum speed 40 km/h
Front axle with suspension
ZW stub 6 grooves / 45 mm
Compressor kit
"Free return 1" "Coupler"
AKH 38 mm stud A11 automatic
Main headlights on the roof
Rear window wiper
Signal socket
Monitor mount
Isobus rear
Front control units 3 + 6/2
Compressed air brake system 2-line
Automatic climate control
Front fender 4WD turnable
AutoComfort cab suspension
VA IND 4WD HiLock LWS braked
LS 160 L/min hydraulic pump
Passenger seat with belt
Air suspended driver's seat +
PTO shaft 540/540E/1000 Umin
Windscreen wiper Premium Wide Angle
Windscreen wiper for the right side
DIN socket 12V
Premium speaker system
Cool box
Sigma Power PTO Boost
Ashtray with cigarette lighter
K80 Coupling for trailer frame, height adjustable.
Rear mudguard width
Front power lift with 51kN lifting capacity
2 pairs of front hydraulic couplers
Control valve rear 4 pieces + Power Beyo
Cabin, 1-door
Valtra Quick2
1 rotating beacon yellow, left
Rear wheel weights 6 x 80 kg
SmartTouch armrest with hydraulic joysti
Lifting capacity high HD
Standard K80 390 mm
Package "Sight + Light"
Front loader G7S package
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Front Linkage
Front Loader
Cab Suspension
Air Conditioning
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