Grimme SE 75-55 UB 64.855 €

Number NOM3085138
Price incl. VAT 19 % 64.855 €
Price excl. VAT 54.500 €
Make Grimme
Model SE 75-55 UB
Year of Build 2014
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Machinetyp (Condition): Second-hand machine
Make: Grimme
Model: SE 75-55 UB
Year of Build: 2014

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Grimme SE 75-55 UB
Country specific equipment for
Draw ball coupling Q 80 mm Hydraulic
support foot
Standard PTO shaft
PTO shaft 6 grooves
Drive with PTO speed 540 rpm
3-step transmission
Speed machine normal
pick up width: 620 mm
Dam drums: Q 390 mm
3 blade share long
Stone safety device for spade share
Mechanical rod depth adjustment
Automatic dam relief
Automatic dam center finding
2 six discs
Sieve channel width 850 mm
1. sieve belt pitch 35 mm
Pitch-independent friction drive 1.
Sieve belt
Speed 1st sieve belt - normal
V2A plates in the vibrating frame
Vibratory beater in 1st sieve belt with
Speed adjustment from terminal
Switchable triangular rollers in the 1st sieve belt
2. sieve belt pitch 32 mm
Coarse haulm belt spacing 200 mm
Belt 1st separator pitch 40 mm
H-profile hedgehog bar 1st separator
Scraper 1st separator
GIattwaIzen scraper
Height adjustment Scraper roller 1.
Separator from terminal
Slip rehearsal 1. separating device and
2. 2nd separator: UB hedgehog belt with bars
UB separating device 900 mm wide incl. two
adjustable in speed
two-row finger scraper belts
2nd separator: standard scraper
H-profile hedgehog bar 2nd separating device
belt 2nd separator pitch 40 mm
Own hydraulics for hydraulically
driven hedgehog tapes 1. and 2. separating device
Hydraulic height adjustment of the
finger/brush belt on the right and left side
with display feed chute right and
left additionally mounted
sorting table wide (850 mm)
Blending conveyor (280 mm)
Picking belt with drivers
roller pre-cleaning, 5 rollers, radial
infinitely variable, without container
Rollers for roller pre-cleaning Spacing
20 mm
Stone hopper with discharge belt
Turning flap for stone bin /
Stone bunker
5,5 t bunker
Bunker belt with cloth
Roll bottom hopper with 2
speed levels
bunker filling automatic incl. automatic
for front elevator and
filling optimization potato outlet
padded at the rolling floor bunker for
box filling/falling brake
Potato outlet for 1.20 m wide crates
Hydraulic folding device for
potato outlet
Air brake
Automatic axle centering
600/50-22.5 tires
Automatic tilting system
Attachment parts rear view camera
Camera attachments 1. camera attachments
Transition from 1. to
2nd add-on parts camera Reading table
Standard operating terminal
Mineral oil
Load-sensing kit with control line to
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Air Brakes
Hyd. Linkage Operation
Load Sensing
Stone Protection
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