Meyer-Lohne REKORDIA 30.000 XXXL 148.750 €

Number NOM2554937
Price incl. VAT 19 % 148.750 €
Price excl. VAT 125.000 €
Make Meyer-Lohne
Model REKORDIA 30.000 XXXL
Year of Build 2011
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Machinetyp (Condition): Second-hand machine
Make: Meyer-Lohne
Model: REKORDIA 30.000 XXXL
Year of Build: 2011
Speed Km/h: 40
Working Width (meter): 30
Permissible Total Weight (t): 44

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used Meyer-Lohne pump tank truck
vehicle-id-no. W09 06301 0C LM22 012
Achsaggregat-Nr. 5672010552/11412005
Drawbar ZG34. TPN 100078685
Pump no. 3645
four-axle steering axle unit with air pressure suspension
steering axle unit directly on the tank
brake 410x180mm up to 60km/h
electric-hydraulic forced steering
hydraulic-suspended hitch drawbar
drawbar load max. 4 tons
weight limitation to total weight
axle distance 1.900 mm
steel barrel diameter 2.100 mm
with tank cutout and manometer
progressive distributor f. exact dosage
with pipe and fixing material
preparation for suction crane 200mm
for pump tanker vehicles with steel tank
consisting of:
Support pallet for swivel
connecting flange for swivel
mounting bracket for storage device
of the articulated arms in driving direction right
Suction crane 200mm with suction accelerator
for slurry tankers, WITHOUT preparation
at the tank, front mounted
for docking and suction up to
max. 4m height from transport vehicles
and containers by means of docking funnel
alternatively after mechanical conversion from
pit depth up to max. 3,5m by means of
suction pipe
swivelling by 210 degrees
with ventilation filter
without electric-hydraulic control
Auto-docking station 200mm galvanized on mobile
mobile base frame for elevated tank
or pit suction
for front hydraulics with wheels and
hydraulic single acting
spade pusher 200mm
the auto. Opening and closing
by means of suction arm
hydraulic spade gate 150mm double acting
instead of hydraulic wedge gate valve 150mm ew
hydraulic spade gate 200mm double acting
instead of hydraulic wedge gate valve 200mm ew
2x headlights Ultra Beam for
equipment lighting rear upper r+l
Completion for three- and
four-point linkage KAT 3
incl. 2x lower link, 2x lifting cylinder
1x hydraulic connection ew
and lighting socket
Drag hose distributor cutterbarING-MAX-S
with cutterbarING-UP 3, 30m working width
with 96 outlets and 313mm hose spacing
Transport width 3m
Galvanised centre section with T-piece and
top link
Warning signs and lighting
2x side arms galvanized
hydraulic folding in and out over double-acting cylinders
acting cylinder
Tele-Shift via hydraulic cylinder in front r+l
Top Swing 180 degrees in front
1x per side arm
hydraulic driven CUT-distributor DN40
galvanized, with double-acting cutting action
Locking tray for
transport lock
Drop-Stop-System as Swing-Up 3 version
Pendulum compensation
Support feet
Hydraulic lines
Three-/four-point mounting brackets
Hose ends DN50
instead of DN40 for drag hose with
Tele-Shift hydraulic rear right and left
1,5m per side for working widths 12-18m
hydraulic part-width section control
of the arms left and right by means of two
hydraulic sliders
from 30m to 27m, 24m, 21m and 18m
working width and
2x3 hoses in the tramline
pressure reducer with compressed air supply
by tractor
Hose shut-off for 5 boom sections
Comfort-Flow-Control per part width section
10 shut-offs (5 per side)
Terminal box with cables up to
mounting bracket and CFC plug
only in conjunction with MEYTRONIC control system
Hydraulic slope compensation
for 18-30m working width (Swing-Max)
Distribution bar for SwingMax 3
working width 30m
Three-way slide valve NW 150
for manual switching at the rear of
baffle plate or baffle head distributor to
nozzle bar or drag hose distributor
Baffle head distributor type ML galvanized
for outlet connection 150mm with
bottle quick-locking, screwed
connecting S-pipe 350mm
and inlet connection piece as well as impact head
distributor Meyer-Lohne with rubber nozzle 70mm
Control block basic package make BUCHER
for comfort or MEYTRONIC control system
for load-sensing-control (LS)or
switchable to constant control with
input plate and selection, with
single-acting HP connection for flow and
flow and hydraulic flow filter, with pressure-free
pressure-free return and LS control line
with holder and cover, designed for
oil flow rate 90 l/min at 180bar
MEYTRONIC board computer
with operating terminal 7,5
via touch-screen monitor with
mounting console for tractor and
control box on the slurry tanker made of
stainless steel, dimensions 500x500x300mm (LxWxH)
designed for 10 switching relay outputs and
as well as 29 switching inputs, expandable up to
max. 48 switching outputs, the data transmission
transmission between tractor and vehicle
via Ethernet bus cable 7m
Extension by 6 relay outputs
for MEYTRONIC control cabinet
Joystick extension for suction crane/arm for
pneu. Control f. gear change
1:2/4 with 1x single acting via
hydrauliccontrol for cutting double acting MEYLO-CUT
with 1x double-acting via
hydraulic control for spring loaded drawbar
with 1x double-acting via
hydraulic control for drawbar load increase
with 1x elec. via MEYTRONIC-control
hydraulic control for front suction crane
with accelerator with 1x single-acting
4x double-acting and 1x elec. Ventilation
via MEYTRONIC-control
hydraulic control for suction- 3 way valve
with 1x double acting via
hydraulic control for intake and
Exhaust wedge gate valve VW
with 1x single acting via
hydraulic control f. outlet gate valve for
pump tank vehicle with 1x double acting
via MEYTRONIC-control
hydraulic control for 3 and 4 point mounting
with 1x double-acting with switch at the
via MEYTRONIC-control
hydraulic control unit for all drag hose
distributors with 2x double-acting
via MEYTRONIC control
hydraulic control for Top-Swing side arms
with 1x double-acting via MEYTRONIC-
hydraulic control for Tele-Shift rear SSV
with 1x double-acting via MEYTRONIC-
hydraulic control for Tele-Shift front SSV
with 1x double-acting via MEYTRONIC-
hydraulic control for part width section control
left and right for drag hose
with 2x double-acting via MEYTRONIC-
hydraulic control for slope compensation
with 1x double acting via MEYTRONIC-
electric control for 1x working light
with 1x elec. via MEYTRONIC-control
cabin printer f. MEYTRONIC on-board computer
with base and 5 paper rolls
Rear view camera system R7-3 consisting of
Colour monitor TFT 7"
stand and mounting frame,
remote control, connection cable 15m
Outdoor camera with IR diode
TÜV approval 40 km/h
to obtain a vehicle registration certificate
Maxi-suction arm is mounted in driving direction
on the right side
Vehicle may only be operated
be operated EMPTY!
The tractor must be equipped with the Scharmüller-
coupling K80 as well as K50 according to the
ISO-Norm 26402 for the mounting of the
The tractor must be equipped with the Scharmüller coupling K80 and K50 according to ISO standard 26402.
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On Board Computer
Front Linkage
Steering Axle
Load Sensing
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