Lemken SOLITAIR 9/300 DS 150 32.011 €

Număr ATC2323038
Preţ incl. TVA 19 % 32.011 €
Preţ fără TVA 26.900 €
Producător Lemken
Model SOLITAIR 9/300 DS 150
Anul fabricaţiei 2019
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Tipul autovehiculului: Maşină second hand
Producător: Lemken
Model: SOLITAIR 9/300 DS 150
Anul fabricaţiei: 2019
Lăţimea de lucru (m): 3

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Lemken seed drill
ISOBUS equipment without terminal
in standard equipment
Seed hopper 1850 litres capacity
Solitronic electric control
Tramline rows 2x3 rows
Track width MI-MI 1950 maintenance tractor
Track width FGS MI-MI 1950 (2x1;2x3 etc.)
Pre-emergence mark.hy.single acting a.T.short 1x2 329208
Coupling parts Zirkon 12 w.TPW600;GRW590
Front and rear lighting system
Carrier seed pre-emergence TR-2000
Scraper 20pcs.carbide f.D-Sch.
Pulse wheel steel wheel D550 serrated
Only the seed drill is offered
Lemken Zirkon 12/300 can still be purchased in addition
be acquired + 17.900,00 net
Inspection and collection address:
AGRAVIS Technik Lenne Lippe GmbH
Rieseler field 18, 33034 Brakel
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AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH
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49326 Melle-Wellingholzhausen
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