Claas Axion 830 Cmatic CIS+ 160.650 €

Номер MEP2973501
Цена с налогами 19 % 160.650 €
Цена без налогов 135.000 €
Марка Claas
Модель Axion 830 Cmatic CIS+
Год выпуска 2020
Дополнительная информация

Тип: Новая машина
Марка: Claas
Год выпуска: 2020
Часы: 13
Мощность: 168 KW (228 л.с.)
Скорость, км/ч: 50

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Claas all-wheel drive tractor in standard equipment.
Tyres VA: 540/65 R30 Michelin FF
Tyres HA: 650/65 R42 Michelin FF
External operation for front linkage + control unit
Front power take-off shaft 1000 rpm (mounted)
CMATIC incl. 2 speed memories + CSM
ISOBUS preparation incl. 2x socket
Front and rear
TELEMATICS advanced, 1 year
Hydraulic top link, Cat. 3 catch hook
4+2 control units, electro-hydraulic proport.
Central axle control units with assignment front linkage
and 1 front control unit
CMATIC 2.0, Tempo deactivation via
Accelerator pedal
Cold start device down to -30 °C
Large diesel prefilter, heated
Rear window wiper incl. side wiper
electr. mirror incl. wide angle mirror
Terminal rail, headliner
Automatic climate control, incl. preparation for
Activated carbon filter
2 rotating warning lights LED

There is a Claas-
Manufacturer's warranty or guarantee
extension "Maxi-Care 1+2" max.
4 years / 2,000 h with a deductible
of 750 euros. Valid from delivery date.
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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